Some might call me paranoid. I prefer cautious. Over the past couple years, my eyes have become open to the reality of what people are truly like. The realization of reality is too much to swim in the deep waters of. So one can only surface with each wave. For someone like me who struggles with mental health issues… it is a nightmare. I get glimpses of what humanity can be when the curtains are drawn… and it is not something you wish to feast your eyes upon.

I grew up in a bubble. My parents were married young and are still married today. I have never desired for anything materialistic because I was spoiled. We were not rich but my family means were definitely well off. My dad worked and my mom stayed home with the children. I didn’t know what a struggle was until I was a teenager.

I didn’t know what devastation was until I was a teenager. I didn’t really experience anything negative until I was a teenager. The first shock to my perfect little life happened when I was sexually assaulted at age 14. It was by the boy I was dating and his father even drove me home afterward. I never told my family because they were out of town and I felt like I was at fault. The boy’s father had to have been aware of something being wrong but he didn’t speak a word.

I eventually confided in my closest friend and I avoided the boy like nothing happened. But not long after, that same friend ended up with that boy. I never told my family or anyone else for years. It was a secret that would eat away at my body and soul. This was the beginning of my downfall.

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